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Authentigration is an initiative to help more migrants, expats and world citizens remain unapologetically authentic while they take in the ups and downs of fitting into a new culture and environment. 

​The mission is currently making waves as the Authentigration podcast and several 'Thrive Workshops' online and offline. 



The Board of Directors (the “Board of Directors”) of Authentigration consists of the founding team (executive committee) and 5 board members (VP positions). As elected representatives of the membership associations, the Board of Directors creates strategies and objectives in collaboration with the membership’s project managers. The board ensures and supports the planned execution of programs to support our mission at the local and national level. Board Members are the “working ambassadors” for the organization and represents it in a variety of capacities. 


Once elected, each of the Board Members must perform their duties in a highly professional manner and in the best interests of Authentigraion and in accordance with our code of conduct. This included feedback and accountability assessments each 6 months to ensure individual contribution across the Board. 


As a general principle, Board Members should avoid any actions or situations that might result in or create the appearance of using their association with the Board for private gain, giving unwarranted preferential treatment to any individual or organization, losing independence or impartiality, or adversely affecting the organization’s reputation or confidence in its integrity. Candidates should disclose any other affiliations or Board roles that could be perceived as a conflict.

All material developed while at Authentigration is considered proprietary to Authentigration.


The Board of Directors is elected for a period of one year. 


The Board meets the fourth week of each month, excluding July, totaling 11 times each year. Typically there is a Strategic Retreat held shortly after the election of the Board. At this meeting, the individual board members review existing and proposed responsibilities across each role and what is expected of them as well as group norms, including commitments and delivering against expectations. 


All Board meeting agendas, background materials, and deliberations are confidential within the Board of Directors. Once the minutes have been distributed, Board Members are free to discuss an issue that has been designated non-confidential. However, under no circumstances can a Board Member discuss the Board’s internal deliberations, such as who supported or didn’t support an issue, or share the background materials unless specified as unrestricted. 


Talent: The Authentigration board Board should be made up of individuals who respect each other’s unique set of strengths/talents and who value/appreciate that diverse teams produce better quality results. As we’re powered by volunteers, a priority on-going is to attract and inspire volunteers to take ownership on research, programs, publications, new initiatives, partner relations etc. in order to advance our relates to our mission. 

  • Collaborative Intelligence: The ability to work collaboratively, offer support, motivation and coaching when needed, and a willingness to hold one another and oneself accountable to objectives and deliverables are imperative traits of a Board Members. A sense of maturity, flexibility and adaptability when working through conflicts across cultures is essential. 

  • Respect Listening: The Board is open to hearing differing points of view as a virtue and a necessity. Furthermore, a member of the Board should be an effective speaker who can represent the organization advantageously and who can clearly present views in Board discussions. The ability to give and receive constructive feedback is an important part of building an effective team.

  • Excellence & Advancement: Authentigration needs effective leaders who have the ability and foresight to guide our organization to new successes and even higher standards of quality. The effective Board Member is someone who focuses on what the Board as a whole wants to achieve and acts in accordance to ensure progress.

  • Accountable and dependable Integrity is the number one requirement for running for and serving as a member of the Board of Directors. The network relies on the individual Board Members to hold one another accountable to the highest standards of integrity. Not-for-profit work often requires a careful prioritizing in respect to time and other, competing commitments. It is expected that Board Members make and keep their Board commitments in a professional manner.


  • Demonstrated management capabilities in a multicultural and non-remunerated environment. 

  • Good understanding of Authentigration, its mission and values and a passion for the progress living authentically abroad.

  • Experience managing members or volunteers.

  • Must have a track record of collaboration, openness, and sharing of knowledge as well as effective delegation. Ability to influence and facilitate discussions is key. 

  • Fluency in written and spoken English, ideally in addition to other languages. 

  • A Bachelor’s degree and preferably a Master’s Degree

  • Speaks, writes and presents clearly and effectively


BOARD: We encourage you to get your companies, organizations, clients, offices, and bosses on board with this opportunity for you to serve in a volunteer leadership role. Serving as a Board Member is not only a good opportunity for you but for them as well.

Authentigraion volunteers, in exchange from their commitment, receive the opportunity to develop leadership skills, increase their personal and their organization's visibility with potential clients and, on the topic of living and working abroad, garner external wisdom on best practices. Importantly, volunteering demonstrates a commitment to reduced inequality, sustainable cities and communities, quality education as a business cause, by the volunteer themselves and by the organization which supports them serving as a volunteer. 



The executive committee will consist of the following roles and positions are held by the founding members. 

  • President

  • Vice President 

  • Director of Foreign Relations

  • Community Manager

Following are outlines of the specific roles and responsibilities for the ten Board positions. 

·       VP Membership

·       VP Marketing 

·       VP Events

·       VP Technology 

·       VP Personal & Professional

·       VP Partnerships (corporate, grants, sponsorships)


This structure, titles and number of board members with specific responsibilities can be adapted to the needs of the network once the board is elected into office and the bylaws are approved and revised. 


All members of the Board of Directors are expected to:

  • Meet the qualification outlined in the individual job descriptions.

  • Prepare for and attend all Board meetings. 

  • Be a liaison between the Board and members. 

  • Represent Authentigration at speaking engagements, conferences, events, etc.

  • Attend the Annual Strategic Retreat & Mid-Year Retreat. 

  • Generally participate in activities of Authentigration.


Take the opportunity and apply for one of the following positions before November 22nd. 

  • VP Membership: Engage members and oversee the entire membership journey. 

  • VP Marketing:  Oversee all aspects of the marketing strategy including on online and print marketing.  

  • VP Technology:  Planning information technology, maintaining and developing website and online presence.  

  • VP Partnerships:  Develop and strengthen relationships with commercial, corporate and other potential partners.  

  • VP Public Relations: Handle all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities including producing press releases, presentations, etc.

  • VP Events: Overall management of all events including social and special events.

  • VP Personal and Professional Development: Design and develop a professional development program for members of Authentigraion.


If you’d like to apply, please send a cover letter, CV and short video sharing why you are interested in the position to

Application due by:  November 22, 2019 

Interviews: November 25 - 29

Official vote:  December 6

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