Authentigration is a mission co-founded by four immigrant women in Oslo, Norway, each of whom have a remarkable thrive-abroad story to share


After going through a variety of challenges, these women found their feet, and planted them firmly in their newfound home. Authentigration is these four women's collective step towards helping other immigrants overcome the challenges of migration and thrive. 

Amongst the founding team, there is an immigrant who mastered the Norwegian language in 90 days, one who fought against all odds to go from refugee to leading Norwegian social activist, another who successfully switched career paths to Transformative Technology to follow her dreams after relocating, and one who built a whole new business territory within six months of relocating here. 

Each of these women faced their challenges head-on and were sure of one thing: They wanted to fit in without ever losing sight of themselves. 

Authentigration is an initiative to help more immigrants, expats and world citizens remain unapologetically authentic while they take in the ups and downs of fitting into a new culture and environment. 

The mission is currently making waves as the Authentigration podcast and several 'Thrive Workshops' online and offline.